Don’t Feed the Bears!

July 18, 2012 – 08:42 am

This past weekend we attended the Sheltowee Trace Association’s Annual Conference. This year the conference was held at the Sandstone Arches Restaurant at Natural Bridge. One of the keynote speakers was with the Ky. Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and presented on black bears in Kentucky. Over the next few days I’ll make several posts with information regarding black bears specifically in our state.

Today I’d like to remind everyone that feeding black bears in Kentucky is illegal.




The following is from the website of Ky. Dept of Fish and Wildlife:

Feeding bears is the worst thing that people can do when it comes to creating human-bear conflicts. Bears are extremely intelligent and quickly learn to associate people with food. When this occurs, bears may become habituated to people and lose their natural fear of humans, which creates potentially dangerous situations. Keep in mind the following notes if you see people feeding bears:

Food-conditioned bears live considerably shorter lives than wild bears.

Habituated bears are often killed by poachers or struck by vehicles because they frequent residential areas.


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Black Bear Cubs for Bigfoot Subscribers (w/music)
At the very beginning of the clip, he was standing on his hind legs trying to see where I was. Then after finding me, he started walking toward me
Kingdom Come Park Harlan KY black Bear
Harlan County High School (Kentucky) Black Bears running onto the field at the Homecoming game, 9/23/11.
Harlan County High School Black Bears 9/23/11

Nature is not tame

Explain how mellow black bears are to the guy in Kentucky who was mauled by one a month or so ago. I'm sure he'll be very sympathetic to your point of view as he undergoes his 5th surgery to attempt to restore some use to his leg.

Feds: Nevada Black Bears Don't Need Protection  — KOLO
There are approximately 400000 black bears in Canada, 325000 in the US, 30000 in Oregon, 30000 in California, 350 to 500 in Nevada. NDOW had 1300 applicants for a bear tag in 2011. They issued 45 tags, set a quota of 20 bears, and harvested 12 in …

Former deputy head's 35 years as a councillor  — This is Kent
We saw black bears in Canada. They just amble off when they see you but you mustn't leave food anywhere they could be tempted to get it. I had a marvellous time. During the trip we met president Dwight Eisenhower. He asked where I was from and when I …

logan west virgina park lots of deer and very tame also has a animal exibit with black bears bobcats snakes a owl and other stuff a great place to
logan wv chief logan state park ky black bear
Researchers in the Forestry Department at the University of Kentucky along with the Kentucky division of Fish and Wildlife document black bear
Black Bear in KY
Black bears spreading out across Kentucky
Black bears spreading out across Kentucky

State's Third Annual Black Bear Hunt Begins Dec.10 In Three Eastern

Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet News Release. Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources State's Third Annual Black Bear Hunt.

Black Bears in Kentucky - KY: Kentucky Dept Fish and Wildlife -

Black Bears in Kentucky. Physical Description. Photo by James Inman. Black bears are powerful, large-bodied animals that grow to 4–6 feet in length when.

Saw this bear while loading coal in cloverlick ky.
Black bear at a coal mine East Ky

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