Oklahoma Bear Season – Is The Oklahoma Department Of Wildlife Screwing Lifetime License Holders?

August 7, 2012 – 06:28 pm

oklahoma black bear season Wow, imagine my excitement when I learned that Oklahoma would have its first Bear Season! I found out when I picked up the new wildlife regulation booklet at Wal-Mart about two weeks ago. I noticed that Oklahoma's Bear Season would coincide with the Black Powder season and that got me into a planning mode. I was making plans to head down to the mountains and do a little Deer hunting with the hopes of getting one of the first Black Bears in Oklahoma.

Last weekend I had a cookout for family members. My cousin and I got to talking about the new Oklahoma Black Bear hunting season. He caught me off guard when he said that he wouldn't be going Black Bear hunting. I asked why and he said he wasn't going to pay the $101 for a Bear Tag.

"But you have a Lifetime License, you don't have to pay those fees" I said

"Better go read the regs, Lifetime license holders are not exempt" he said

So I went into the house and grabbed my regulations. I couldn't believe it! He was right!

I simply could not believe that the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation was going to make Lifetime License holders pay to hunt Bear. Hell, some of the same public land that is open to Bear hunting was bought with money from the Lifetime Hunting funds! How dare them!

Source: www.buckhuntersblog.com

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North Carolina Black Bear Population Growing | Natural Unseen Hazards Blog

The population of black bears in North Carolina has recovered from almost.
According to the NC Wildlife Web site, a total of 66 black bears — 40 males.

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